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Welcome to the Apocalypse. 

Welcome to the world of David Christ & The Apocalypse!

 We are a comedy/activist-focused band that blends a range of musical genres to create a sound that is truly unique. But our music is about more than just entertainment. We use our platform to spread a message of hope, love, and social justice, exploring themes such as spirituality, quantum mechanics, science fiction, religion, partying, drugs, and life lived on the edge.

At the heart of our music is a passion for eliminating poverty and prejudice. We believe that every person has the right to be sovereign in their own bodies and explore life as it is meant to be, free from the constraints of a broken system. And we use humor in all its forms to help lighten the mood and connect with our audience.

Our band is comprised of two talented musicians and comedians who bring a unique perspective to life. The lead singer is bi-racial, offering a distinct and important voice in a world where race remains a contentious issue. Together, we strive to use our music to make a positive impact in the world, spreading love and joy through our performances and activism.

Join us on our journey to make a difference. Follow us on social media to stay up to date on our latest shows, collaborations, and releases. We can't wait to share our music and message with you!

2024 Election Results EP

Check out the new project from David Christ & The Apocalypse as they tackle politics and American ideology. 

2100 A.d.(after david)

New release from David Christ & The Apocalypse

"2100 A.D. (After David)" is a compelling musical voyage that ushers listeners into an audacious yet dire future, a future that has tasted the bitterness of failure. Sent back in time by the eponymous David Christ, the revolutionary leader in the year 2100, this album is a dire warning, a profound plea, and a timeless testament of the future's desperate fight against an oppressive regime.

Each track is an echo from a future era, an intimate glimpse into a world where resistance has crumbled and hope is but a faint flicker in the inky darkness. Yet, it's in this darkness that "2100 A.D. (After David)" finds its power. Through harmonious rebellions and rhythmic rallying cries, this album is not just a beacon sent back in time—it is a blueprint for a better future.

The album implores its audience to listen, to understand, and to align. Its haunting melodies and pulsating rhythms are a call to arms, urging the present to learn from the dire predictions of the future, to adjust our path and rewrite the grim fate that lies ahead.

"2100 A.D. (After David)" is more than an album; it's an audial prophecy, a critical mission to safeguard tomorrow. This musical masterpiece is a stirring testament to the human spirit's resilience, a rallying cry for change, and a plea to defy the destiny laid before us.

Change is possible. A better future is within our grasp, and "2100 A.D. (After David)" is the key to unlock it. Listen, comprehend, unite—let's write a new future, one where hope outshines despair, and where freedom rings louder than the echoes of subjugation. This is "2100 A.D. (After David)”—a harmonic manifesto from the future, for a better tomorrow.

King of Kings Live Debut

David's new Podcast, "King of Kings Live" Debuted live on YouTube and Twitch 10/4/2022. The guest for the evening was Hollywood Insider Reza Asgari to kick it off. 

Computer Human (Single)

Computer Human is a song about how I feel about my neurodivergent mind. I am self-diagnosed asperger's but I fear the truth is much worse. Please see Offensive Punk Album Track #1 for the hard truth. I hope you enjoy, the single will be available on all streaming platforms 7/27/2022. 

David Christ PodCast Guest


Release 9-11-2021

3rd times the charm with David Christ & The Apocalypse as they release their third and most impressive album to date. This album was done in house from top to bottom: writing, composition, recording, mixing, and mastering. This album crosses genres and really shows the range of songwriting ability the band possess. 

Golden Sabbath Remaster

Finally. A version of the album the entire band is happy with. The remastered version of the 2020 release Golden Sabbath is out now!