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Computer Human (Single)

Computer Human is a song about how I feel about my neurodivergent mind. I am self-diagnosed asperger's but I fear the truth is much worse. Please see Offensive Punk Album Track #1 for the hard truth. I hope you enjoy, the single will be available on all streaming platforms 7/27/2022.

Welcome to the Apocalypse.

David Christ & The Apocalypse is more than just a rock band. It is the portal to understanding yourself and the world. The vision of David Christ and the Apocalypse is to create a community of artist that are dedicated to exploring themselves and their art to the deepest degrees. Self-development is the key to creating better art.

David Christ(Lead Singer, Songwriter, Artistic Director, Videographer, Director, Prophet) is the leader of Love's Beloved Garden and is dedicated to helping heal the world through art.

Art is the most important thing in the world and artist need to be properly represented and educated about how their art is expressed and monetized so they can make a living doing what they love and not just surviving.

The keys to understanding the universe and our existence lie within art. It is Christ's mission to find and organize the greatest artist in the world to create mind blowing experiences that will elevate the consciousness to levels not see in ages.

Stay Tuned!

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Release 9-11-2021

3rd times the charm with David Christ & The Apocalypse as they release their third and most impressive album to date. This album was done in house from top to bottom: writing, composition, recording, mixing, and mastering. This album crosses genres and really shows the range of songwriting ability the band possess.

Golden Sabbath Remaster

Finally. A version of the album the entire band is happy with. The remastered version of the 2020 release Golden Sabbath is out now!